Beard Grooming

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Regular grooming promotes healthy beard growth

Taking care of your beard shouldn't make you late for work or make you feel guilty because you didn’t follow a 50 step grooming routine. It’s this simple: wash your beard, condition, and brush. Our natural beard grooming products are an easy and eco-friendly way to take care of your beard. Great for long and short beard grooming and suitable for all styles. Regularly grooming your beard promotes full and healthy beard growth that only comes from using natural beard growth products, like our natural shampoo and conditioner bars. A full and healthy beard is easy if you follow our beard grooming video tips. 

Our beard grooming products are handmade in Australia since 1993 and include only premium all-natural and organic ingredients: coconut oil, pure mountain spring water, olive, castor oil, soy wax, raw honey, beeswax, and our own handmade Australian seaweed mucilage.