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Bugged Outdoor Insect Balm

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Who for?

Anyone who spends time outside with mosquitoes and wants a natural bug repellent!


What is it?

A richly lemon-scented balm composed of carefully chosen and blended oils.



Bugged is a 100 per cent chemical-free outdoor insect repellent balm. It's specially formulated with powerful Australian essential oils including Eucalyptus citriodora (lemon scented eucalyptus), lemon scented tea tree, Tasmania's unique kunzea, peppermint and lavender as well as additions from other lands such as basil, clove, thyme and cedarwood atlas. These oils are renowned for their ability to discourage biting insects. (Note: There is no harsh citronella in Bugged.)


Directions for use:

Use it lavishly on that camping trip to discourage (and generally upset) little and large insects when they start to bite!