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Leatherwood Honey & Coconut Light Moisture Cream

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Beauty and the Bees Honey & Coconut Moisture Cream - 100% Natural & chemical free!

This Marigold moisture cream is the best choice for sensitive, dry, normal, combination, oily skin – a lighter cream best for those aged 15 – 35, or for those who prefer more frequent application as desired.



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I received this as part of a pamper pack when I had my little boy. I use the cream on my 2 1/5 year old little girl who has very dry skin on her hands. It is amazing it has helped to keep them moist and therefore she has no more broken skin and she does not scratch at all, she calls it her "special cream".


Despite two courses of antibiotics and using cortisone cream my 4-month old son's severe eczema had not improved until I started using Baby Bee bath cream and Honey and Herb baby cream. I was so relieved that I didn't have to resort to giving him the prednisolone or use the trial cream Elidel.


I have used the Beauty and the Bees Botty Butter on my son from birth and he has never had nappy rash. It is an amazing product - easy to apply, doesn't smell and no horrible white gunk under your finger nails. Brilliant. I also use the Honey & Herb Cream on his cheeks and chin to prevent dribble rash, he had a rash within 2 days of running out. Lucky the cream arrived a day after ordering. Thanks for making chemical free products that work, I wouldn't use anything else on my lovely boy's skin.


I feel good using this product on my baby and have never had a bad reaction to it. It's creamy and absorbs right in leaving his skin soft and moisturized!


The Honey & Herb baby cream is amazing. I highly recommend it. We are using it as our baby girl has eczema & in 2 days it is nearly gone and her skin is smooth as a babies bottom. Well worth the money. Thanks BeeBeauty.