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Voodoo Black Bamboo Charcoal Solid Shampoo Bar

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Use on hair, body, and beard.

The key ingredient in this shampoo bar soap: Black Bamboo Activated Charcoal has been long prized in Asia for health detoxifying benefits. Leaves hair with shine and body and enriches natural color and vibrancy. Delivers a dense creamy lather that not only absorbs oil from oily hair but also moisturizes dry hair, scalps, and skin. Especially good for sensitive skin, dandruff psoriasis, and eczema.

Enriches the natural color and vibrancy of all hair types.

Our Solid Shampoo Bar is equal to approx. 27 fl oz - 2 liquid shampoo bottles! Travel Friendly!

Full Ingredients: Mount Wellington spring water; coconut oil; olive oil; castor oil; soy wax; Leatherwood beeswax & honey; Tasmanian seaweed extract; Bamboo Charcoal; essential oils; Sodium borate (Borax) <1%


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Shampoo Bar

I purchased this shampoo to take travelling in lieu of bottles and was very pleasantly surprised to find the shampoo bar was very convenient and lasted much longer than a bottle of shampoo. Our hair is soft, glossy and squeaky clean, we have decided to continue to use a shampoo bar permanently.

Soft beard soap

This is the best beard soap us the conditioner with it. Apple cider rinse 1 time every 1-2weeks


I've been persevering with the shampoo bars since December, and have frequently sought advice from the wonderful staff in at Salamanca about what to use, how much etc as I have fine, medium length wavy hair that tends to lack oomph a day after washing and gets split ends very easily despite minimal use of dryers or straighteners.

I had a sample of the Voodoo Charcoal shampoo bar, and having run out of my usual Beer shampoo bar decided to try it out.

GREAT lather! My hair felt a bit tacky after rinsing out the shampoo, but after massaging in and rinsing out the Clarifying Silk rinse it was smooth and silky: the kind of smooth and silky you get from a salon treatment or deep conditioning mask.As it dried, it was so so soft, and then when I got up the next morning (I washed my hair in the evening) my hair was unbelievably SHINY, and had beautiful volume.

I'm so glad I kept with using the bars, and that I had this one to try: it is definitely a new favourite!


I will never use a regular shampoo again. My hair and scalp feel so much better. I’ve tried quite a few different kinds of these shampoo bars and this is one of my favourites. Love the smell -like sticking your nose into a bag of fresh Darrell Lea licorice and taking a long whiff. I find that cutting the bars in half makes them easier to use and last longer. The smaller size means no irregular giant dent in the middle of a rectangular bar from use which eventuallly breaks the bar into smaller hard-to-use pieces anyway.Great for travelling along with the apple silk rinse.


Enjoy using this product. I use it daily and one bar lasts close to a year.Hair feels great after.

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