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Seaweed Honey & Herb Polishing Scrub

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I use your lovely scrub on my face.It's like an instant face lift - Nathaniel Rew, New York
Who for? Everyone… for all skin types, especially those with mature, very sensitive dry, flaky dull skin What is it? A rich, moisturising anti-oxidant natural honey herb seaweed and oatmeal, & almond meal exfoliating scrubpowder, gently removes dulling dead skin cells,reveals your skin's natural beauty. What does it do? Gently polishes away surface dirt, debris, dead skin cells and grime to leaves skin silky soft, glowing, much smoother and revitalized, allows much more effective penetration and absorption of moisture cream. How does it work? This gentle mechanical polishing action of the oil rich nutmeal, creamy oatmeal, herbs,clays :
  • sloughs off surface dirt, debris,  dead skin cells and grime, revealing fresh newer skin
  • encourages blood circulation and hence healthy skin cell growth,
  • discourages the formulation of skin impurities such as black / whiteheads regular use removes debris/sebum , unblocking pores,  before these have time to form, and if present gently coaxes them loose without destructive squeezing which can scar the skin.
  • regular use helps to refine skin texture so  minimising dry scaly skin in winter
  • regular use to remove dead skin helps to refine skin texture which looks great

Directions for use

  • mix approx 1 teaspoon with a small amount of warm water to make a creamy paste
  • work gently into skin in a circular motion
  • rinse
  • can be mixed with a little Leatherwood honey and coconut cream cleanser if desired
  • use a couple of tablespoons of product with water as above
  • work into body in the same circular motion
Use a couple of times per week for best results, although can be used daily as a soap substitute if skin is oily, blemished or has blackheads. Extra benefits: gives excellent results when used to treat rough skin on the body such as back of thighs, knees, hands, back of top of arms and décolletage. Good value: Can be used as a moisturizing mask ( and makes great scones we have been told ) You will love this product if: you want your moisture cream to work even more effectively; and, love the feeling of the results - peachy smooth satiny skin.

Ingredients and benefits:

Ingredients Benefits
pure  flowers and herbs - including marshmallow leaf and root - chamomile, marigold, lavender soothing, healing antiseptic
almond nut meal creamy, moisturising, gently abrasive
pure French clay (ventilated bentonite) gently abrasive, polishing
seaweed powder mineral rich, skin conditioning
oatmeal, green tea, dried honey soothing, moisturising, antioxidant

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