Soaps and Scrubs


    All Natural Solid Soaps and Scrubs with Real Leatherwood Honey

    Professor Fuzzworthy's premium all natural face and body Leatherwood Honey Soap Bars are perfect for men, women, and children. Handmade from only the best gourmet and organic ingredients since 1993, so pure you can nearly eat them! Good for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. Our eco friendly body and skin care products will leave your skin clean, refreshed and moisturized and you don't pay for added water, chemical additives, or plastic bottles. 
    Our raw beeswax and raw honey are sourced from one of the few remaining temperate rain forests in the world. This unique raw honey, whose taste is often compared to a single malt whiskey grows only on Australia’s wild island, Tasmania. The leatherwood tree needs to grow for 70 years before the first nectar-rich flowers mature and bloom. From then on the bees collect every season for the life of the tree , around 250 years.