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    The Professor Fuzzworthy beard care collection is a selection of premium natural beard shampoos and hair care products that promote healthy full beard growth, grooming and men's beard styles. Handmade in Australia since 1993 with only natural and organically grown local ingredients.

    You want natural beard care that looks healthy and IS healthy, especially if you’ve made the bold move to let it grow. We’ve got your back and, um, your beard. There’s no mystery on how to cultivate a strong, healthy, superior beard that gives you the polished look you’re aiming for. No BS: Nurturing and grooming a smooth, frizz-free beard with volume is built on a foundation of all-natural beard care products and grooming tools. Your perfect beard needs to be cleansed with gentle but effective beard shampoo, refined with a strong but never-harsh beard brush, and left feeling fine with our soothing beard balm - a clear, simple and natural beard care routine. 

    This sounds good, but at this point you may be asking whether the beard products you choose for your beard care really matter? They Do! Your beard may look rugged, but, like it or not, your facial skin is delicate. So if you want a lush, healthy beard, you need to use the very best natural beard care products, ones that work hard without stripping your beard of volume or essential oils, or irritating the skin underneath. Bearded, scruffy or smooth, your skin needs love.


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    Buy it, try it, don't love it? Get your money back! As a family business we have been hand making our premium products since 1993 and we are sure you will love them, but if you don’t? You'll get your money back, no questions asked.