Since 1993, Professor Fuzzworthy has been using premium quality Australian ingredients to produce natural beard, hair, and skin care and products that are especially soothing and healing for those with sensitive skin.

We are passionate about providing the best experience possible and understand that not all consumers will have the same experience when using the Professor Fuzzworthy products because no two consumers will have identical skin and hair or any of the other things that can affect how the products work. For that reason we have developed the following pages to assist in making the successful transition to a natural product easier for you.

How To

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To help you get answers quickly and easily, we have put together this troubleshooting guide. It contains a wide variety of information to not only answer your questions but enhance your Professor Fuzzworthy & Beauty and the Bees experience. For success with our natural beard & hair care products - shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and more, see our How To Videos and/or click on the questions below to reveal our answers to specific questions.



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