Hops-based Products

Hops-based Products

If You’re a Fan of the Health Benefits of Hemp/CBD, Give Hops-based Products a Try 

In addition to leatherwood beeswax, Tasmanian Seaweed Extract, and fresh Wellington spring water, a number of Professor Fuzzworthy shampoo and skincare products are packed with locally brewed beer and Pride of Ringwood hops, from Bushy Park, Tasmania. Our hop-based products are both naturally fragrant and antiseptic, but the benefits of hops don’t stop there. Hops have a bunch of physical and mental health benefits. Read on…

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Do you have sore muscles or live with nervousness, anxiety, or mood disorders? Do you have trouble sleeping or issues with allergies? And are you concerned about the effects that aging may be having on your skin?

Well, the answer to these problems and more could be found inside a glass of beer.

Hops—the key ingredient in most beers and ales—is a wonder herb rich in certain essential oils, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial for various ailments. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties in oils are perfect for relaxing the body. The antioxidants in Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C are natural immune system boosters. Additionally, research on hops is revealing new and promising clinical applications.

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Cannabis Cousin and a New Currency

Hops are the flowers of a climbing plant named Humulus lupulus, which belongs to the same family as Cannabacae or hemp. The plant is believed to have originated in mainland Asia from where it spread to Japan, the Americas, and Central Europe–where it played an important part in a religious rebellion.

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In the 16th century, the Catholic Church held the monopoly on gruit–a mixture of herbs and botanicals used to flavor and preserve beer. But the hops plant was not taxed by the church. “So, if you were a Protestant brewer and wanted to thumb your nose at Catholicism, you used hops instead of herbs,” notes William Bostwick, author of The Brewer's Tale: A History of the World According to Beer. Hops made beers travel better. “It became a unit of international trade that symbolized the growing business class, which was tangentially connected with the Protestant work ethic and capitalism," he says.

Today hops are big business. Although the global top exporters remain Germany, The United States, and Czechia, nations down under are big exporters too. In 2020, New Zealand exported $30.8 million worth of hops, and Australia sold $25.9 million.


Health Benefits of Hops

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Ever wonder why even a small glass of beer can relax you? According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a trial on people with mild depression, stress, or anxiety, found that hops extract improved their symptoms. In lab rats, hops extract was found to have an antidepressant quality that showed promise with mood disorders.



Good news for allergy sufferers. Another study that looked at the effect of hops water extract on human nose cells found that it reduced the production of a cytokine that promotes allergic inflammatory responses.



Here’s another reason not to turn your nose up on the powers of hops. One trial examining the effects of hops extract as an anti-bacterial found that the growth of two bacterial species (Corynebacterium xerosis and Staphylococcus epidermidis) responsible for underarm odor was reduced.


Good for Your Skin

The oils and minerals in hops have natural anti-inflammatory properties that are said to have been traditionally used to treat leprosy. These days, cosmetics companies use hops in products to decrease surface blood vessels and reduce redness. Additionally, as a source of antioxidants, hops help the body fight free radicals and slow aging.


Fights Dandruff and Hair Loss

Looking for more shine and fewer flakes? Just open a can of beer and use a small portion of it with your conditioner as a final rinse. The essential oils and vitamins in hops help open pores in your scalp to reduce hair loss. The oils also help remove dead skin and dandruff.


Promotes Good Sleep

Could a combination of hops and valerian be the peanut butter and jelly to promote sleep and fight insomnia? A study examining the combined effects of hops and valerian found that pairing the two was more effective than valerian alone. Hops on their own are also helpful in promoting sleep. A study using non-alcoholic beer found that one cup improved sleep quality in people. Hops extract also increased sleep time and reduced body temperature in mice and rats.


And There’s More!

Research has uncovered that the presence of hops has improved dental health, heart health, and blood sugar balance. Hops are also being used in studies on thyroid function, liver damage, and cancer. Is there anything that hops can’t do?


So, the next time someone gives you the side eye for having a beer, just tell them the doctor prescribed it.