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Invest in Quality Shoes and Boots!

Invest in Quality Shoes and Boots from World-class shoes made in the U.S.A. – Like Alden and Allen Edmonds  

If you’re working hard to impress someone – a potential employer or the possible love of your life – don’t let your shoes be the deal-breaker. it’s incredibly shallow to make snap decisions based on the quality of a man’s  wardrobe, but we all do it. And for many reasons, people are especially judgmental about shoes!

SWAGGER Magazine Features Professor Fuzzworthy!

LAUNCHED ON A FAMED AUSTRALIAN ISLAND, PROFESSOR FUZZWORTHY GETS HIGH GRADES IN BEARD CARE. Based in Australia and highly popular in the U.S., in just a few years Professor Fuzzworthy’s high-quality products have grown to dominate segments of Amazon USA’s market, earning near-perfect ratings from thousands of happy customers....

5 Reasons Why Growing a Beard is Healthy!
June is Men’s Health Month and Professor Fuzzworthy is celebrating with great discount offers on exciting new products, plus content on the health-enhancing impact of good hair, beard, and skincare. Our first blog post focuses on why beards are more than just a fashion statement or a response to social isolation, they’re a great natural way to protect our skin.
The Ultimate Antidote to Lack of Will
To put it in short:Routine, personal common practices and controlled environment.Setting routines and personal common practices frees you from cognitive decision driven procrastination. In other words, when you know what your day will be like the night before. A simple example...
PLASTIC OR PLANET?National Geographic's June 2018 Issue Planet or PlasticThis is the latest cover for National Geographic. Their June issue warns us of the devastating effects plastics are having on the planet. The 18 billion pounds of plastic that end...
Let’s Talk Sleep!How many times have you heard that getting enough sleep will improve your health? Yet this seems to be a challenge hard to overcome to a lot of people. The circumstances brought upon us by a world that...