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Invest in Quality Shoes and Boots!

Invest in Quality Shoes and Boots from World-class shoes made in the U.S.A. – Like Alden and Allen Edmonds  

If you’re working hard to impress someone – a potential employer or the possible love of your life – don’t let your shoes be the deal-breaker. it’s incredibly shallow to make snap decisions based on the quality of a man’s  wardrobe, but we all do it. And for many reasons, people are especially judgmental about shoes!

Tips for Starting and Cultivating Your Best Beard
Growing a beard is a leap of faith. You’ll be making a new statement about yourself. And, as it grows, you’ll probably go through an awkward stage. You may hate what you see in the mirror one morning, grab a razor and jump ship before that beard has a chance to really grow in. Don’t. What you’ll need is patience and a plan. While we can’t help you with the patience thing, we can help you with a plan.
Tasmania's Leatherwood Honey is Delicious, Healthy and Rare!
All honey is not created equal. The next time you’re spreading some tangy leatherwood honey across your morning toast or scone, make sure you’ve got a back-up supply. From digestive health to skincare, this amazing natural product has oh-so-many other...
The Strategist's "The Best Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads"
Free shipping on orders over $50! JUNE, 2020 FATHER'S DAY GIFTS –PROFESSOR FUZZWORTHY'S BEARD SHAMPOO Thank you to the Strategist for featuring our Beard Shampoo in their Father's Day gift collection! SEE IT HERE Be the first to try Professor...
Father's Day Specials
Father’s Day is coming up on June 21st and if you want to avoid the usual disappointment, why not take things into your own hands by sharing Professor Fuzzworthy’s “Bearded Daddy Wish List” with everyone who’ll be shopping for you?...
Essential Facts to Know During Men’s Health Month
June is Men’s Health Month and Professor Fuzzworthy is celebrating with great discount offers on exciting new products, plus content on important aspects of men’s health. Our first blog is an overview of issues including cancer, heart disease, mental health, and the serious health risks of neglecting our skincare.
We’ve got three NEW products to tame and tone just about everything you’ve got, from dry skin to impossible beards to unmanageable hair that just won’t sit right—pomade, beard/face serum, and a beer based shampoo bar that’ll leave you thirsting...
Raw Leatherwood Honey & BeeswaxThese ingredients are bought raw and unprocessed (not bleached with peroxides as in mainstream commercial products!) direct from the hive. Made from flower nectar, these uncontaminated, organic gifts from nature have been produced by bees for...