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LAUNCHED ON A FAMED AUSTRALIAN ISLAND, PROFESSOR FUZZWORTHY GETS HIGH GRADES IN BEARD CARE. Based in Australia and highly popular in the U.S., in just a few years Professor Fuzzworthy’s high-quality products have grown to dominate segments of Amazon USA’s market, earning near-perfect ratings from thousands of happy customers....

Tips for Starting and Cultivating Your Best Beard
Growing a beard is a leap of faith. You’ll be making a new statement about yourself. And, as it grows, you’ll probably go through an awkward stage. You may hate what you see in the mirror one morning, grab a razor and jump ship before that beard has a chance to really grow in. Don’t. What you’ll need is patience and a plan. While we can’t help you with the patience thing, we can help you with a plan.
Tasmania's Leatherwood Honey is Delicious, Healthy and Rare!
All honey is not created equal. The next time you’re spreading some tangy leatherwood honey across your morning toast or scone, make sure you’ve got a back-up supply. From digestive health to skincare, this amazing natural product has oh-so-many other...
5 Reasons Why Growing a Beard is Healthy!
June is Men’s Health Month and Professor Fuzzworthy is celebrating with great discount offers on exciting new products, plus content on the health-enhancing impact of good hair, beard, and skincare. Our first blog post focuses on why beards are more than just a fashion statement or a response to social isolation, they’re a great natural way to protect our skin.
We’ve got three NEW products to tame and tone just about everything you’ve got, from dry skin to impossible beards to unmanageable hair that just won’t sit right—pomade, beard/face serum, and a beer based shampoo bar that’ll leave you thirsting...